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OAO Noyabrskgasrefinery

OAO " Noyabrskgasrefinery " established an integrated system for gathering, transportation and utilization of petroleum gas by 2000. This system allows a comprehensive approach towards utilization of equipment and capacities, distribution of products, and compliance with licensing agreements for associated petroleum gas utilization.

The Company incorporates two gas utilization divisions:Intra-field Petroleum Gas Gathering and Utilization Division (UVSING);Gas Processing Division (UPG).

The Company carries out and supports the following activities in its gas sector:

- intra-field gathering, gas mains transport, consumer supplies via five gas distribution stations, and field and main gas pipelines totally covering 2,880 km;

- gas compression performed by eight transmission compressor stations and a gas injection compressor station; for the purpose of energy all stations are fitted with gas turbine drives;- low-pressure gas utilization run by ten compressor stations of final separation stages;

- gas processing maintained by three processing units with total output of 7.2 bcm/year;

- power generation driven by 17 gas turbine power plants (GTPP)

- in 2009 their total gas consumption exceeded 1 bcm - and 7 gas piston power plants (GPPP), which processed 38.5 mn cubic meters of gas last year.

The Company implemented the tankless oil treatment method at almost all its booster pump stations, which allows OAO " Noyabrskgasrefinery " to utilize gas for its field operations. Under this method, oil-dissolved low-pressure gas accumulates at the central gathering stations where it is separated by vacuum compressors.

All 126 flare units were equipped with gas metering stations, which enabled the Company to adequately estimate its field gas resources and launch the investment program for the efficient gas utilization.

The Company actively maximizes its in-house gas utilization efficiency. In 2009, OAO " Noyabrskgasrefinery " consumed 2.56 bcm. Currently, all the Company's boilers are fueled by gas, equipment and machinery are heated also by gas, and new radiant gas heaters are put into service.

Since 1999, OAO " Noyabrskgasrefinery " has been implementing its gas turbine power plant construction program. Today, KhMAO-Yugra area boasts 16 operating gas turbine power plants with total installed capacity of 415.5 mW, and 6 gas piston power plants of 32.7 mW. At the maslanokoye field in Eastern Komi, the Company operates 1 GTPP of 144 mW and 1 GPPP of 13 mW.

To meet gas and energy demands at its fields, OAO " Noyabrskgasrefinery " launched an efficient field infrastructure development program, which includes construction of gas pipelines, power lines, GTPP, GPPP, Heater Treater separators and boiler houses. By 2011, the Company's total in-house generating capacity will reach almost 680 mW, which will cover up to 40% of total energy consumed.

OAO " Noyabrskgasrefinery " continues to invest in its APG utilization fixed assets in accordance with its plan, which will allow the Company to accomplish over 95% of gas utilization at all its fields under development by January 01, 2012.
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